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About Us

We are a group of entrepreneurs, with success in technological and financial markets, a few years ago we looked into the sports betting market in order to take advantage of the value offered by the bookmakers.

PunTeam is a project based around composing a team of experts, who will find value in there specialist leagues - collectively the experts will cover a range of leagues and sports.

PunTeam has been set up as a long term venture. We give our members time and support to show the true profit they can achieve. Anyone can apply to us for a trial period - for this, you'll be required to input your bets into our system that will assess and track your results over a period of time.

We're looking for anyone with a specialty - you do not have to be native, a 'big name' or have any previous records. We will assess everyone on the same basis and anyone with the ability - or potential - to make a profit will have a chance with PunTeam over the long term.


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